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ZKTEK provides all kinds of custom OEM/ODM ATM,interactive kiosk,information kiosk, touchscreen kiosk, touchscreen monitor, touchscreen computer, box ipc,digital sginages, pos and metal keyboard products

ZKTEK HD series :

ZKTEK HD series all steel enclosure


  • Type of enclosure

    - Durable dual screen all-steel enlcosure

  • Type of paint

    - Powder coated front, powder coated steel back covers

  • Style

    - Ergonomically sleek and smart design

  • -

    - Easy to install and operate with internal drawers

  • Ventilation

    - Internal fans for ventilation

  • Protection

    - Security mechanic locks

  • Environment

    - Moistureproof,Antirust,Anti-acid,Static free

  • Wheels

    - (optional)